Friday, April 30, 2004

Well well well.

So while at work this evening I was talking to a distrubutor of this new fancy product and he wants me to be given "power" power as in being able to really do a lot of the nitty gritty work on our side with his accounts etc.

Now on the one hand I'm thinking. YEAH YEAH YEAH!! Cause well that'd be like project management of sorts. I'm also thinking there is potential for fallout. I'm not sure why.

Anyway. I was talking to my co-worker and friend Renee and I told her that if I could make up a position for myself it'd be something along the lines of being the technical liason/trainer for all agents resellers and distrubutors.

I think that would kick ass.

Here's what I'm thinking I'd like to a nutshell.

  • Be the person who after the agent gets signed up to train them on technical aspects. How to use the websites, how to admin their accounts, how to create trouble tickets, what sort of issues are technical and what sort are most likely account issues.
  • Then if it is a new product be the person to write up and train the department I'm working in now on it. How to test it who to call when shit goes wrong with it etc.
  • Be the contact for tech issues so agents etc aren't constantly calling the department I work in.
  • Be the person who if the customers will be calling regular customer service be the person to give training to that department as well.
  • Be the all round go between.

Now I bet it'd be a bit stressful but I love doing that sort of thing. I like researching and creating solutions. I like diving nose first into things and chewing on them until I find a problem. I wouldn't mind testing the shit out of new products.

But I think that may be a pipe dream.

I don't think I've got the anything within this company to actually land something like that or talk someone into it.

I'm not sure.

I know it's not good form to be so wibbly about ones job but I am. I can't really help myself. I think it's these years of working graveyard shift and the culture of the company I work at currently. Who knows.

Or maybe I'm just a big ole pussy.

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