Saturday, May 22, 2004

I was just making a list of some financial important big things I am going to take care of this month. I'll be getting a cushy amount of over time and I've got shit that needs doing.

First thing after rent is to get myself some new contacts. Actually it'll be contacts in the short term and then a new pair of glasses. I'm very tired of wearing exclusively contacts and miss having glasses.

My last pair of glasses were the CUTEST damn things you've ever seen. A rounded horn rim style in black. Very me and at the time I was wearing them very unique. Most people at the time were opting for the wire rims in either the wee tiny lenses or squares what have you. I bought the last pair of my style at Vista Optical. I in fact wound up getting the display pair because not one single other Vista store had any of that particular style and it'd been discontinued.

I loved my glasses. I've worn glasses since I was a kid so having cute ones is important to me.

My poor glasses were lost in a tragic kitten accident. What happened was that after getting up to start getting ready for work I'd gone out to check the mail. And I saw a kitten. Very cute fuzzy kitten that I just had to lean over and pick up. What I'd forgotten is that one of the ear pieces was loose and boom on the ground went my glasses. But no that's not the tragic part. Tragic part is that my eye sight is so bad I stepped on them and smashed them.

I called my boss in tears. In the midst of a full on panic attack because without contacts or glasses I cannot work, I can't read, I can't watch tv. I can do nothing. So after him getting out of me that no I wasn't hurt and didn't need a ride I called my Mom still in tears. She couldn't pick me up. Called my Dad. He couldn't come get me.

So my cheap ass decided it'd be a good idea to catch the bus. 2 Busses. One to downtown the other to Capital Hill where I could get an appointment, contacts and be at work by 4. So off I went into the wild blue yonder blind as a fucking bat.

I get downtown and as I'm squinting at busses this very sweet little old man decided I was blind and took my arm to guide me to the right bus. All while yelling in my ear, "IT'S OK YOUNG LADY WE'LL GET YOU WHERE YOU'RE GOING." At the top of his lungs.

He got me onto bus #7 and off at the right stop. I ran smack into no less than four people in two blocks and almost tripped getting into the store. I had my appointment then found out that they had no more of the contacts for my left eye. Tears again. Blubbering about having to go to work (to this day missing work for whatever reason can seriously freak me out) then the assistant/sales girl told me that the delivery guy would be there in twenty minutes and I could wait and she'd knock half off the price.


So I did get my contacts and my boss had waited at work for me to show up. He thought it was cute. I was not so amused.

So the moral of the story is, hold glasses on nose before bending to pick up kittens.

Yes. I need new glasses.

I also want to do something else with my hair. I think I'm feeling like a redhead. The purple is gorgeous but I'm bored with it already. And with it (hold your shorts...)my hair has been growing like hell I should do a color without such obvious roots.

I also want to invest in a new hot comb because mine is getting old and the temprature is wonky. No need to burn my damn self. At some point this summer I believe I'll invest in a ceramic straightening iron as well. They make very slim ones and I think that would do me well.

I will also be needing some new clothes. I have decided that instead of buying clothes I hate at whatever store I find them cheap at I'm going to do some careful bargain hunting. Find individual pieces I like where ever. Keep my eye on catalogs etc. I'm tired of having clothing that makes me want to pee.

But then again everything makes me want to pee.

I was just editing a story I wrote quite awhile ago and this line sticks in my head,

"I hope you're fairly well aquainted with asshole related ailments."

I'm not saying what the context is but...that is something that would in fact come out of my mouth.

I'm babbling. Mainly because I think I have a caffiene headache and my head is pounding. The advil hasn't kicked in yet and it's making me squinty.

I wonder sometimes about myself. I've been doing some reading on various personality type things and gods. I wonder sometimes if I'm not hell to work with and/or know. I try not to be. Sometimes I can't help being a wee mean thing.

All right I think I'm done now. I believe more tea is being called for and you guessed it I have to pee.


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