Friday, May 07, 2004

What a week.

I have a beef with my nervous system (emphasis on the nervous part) whenever I have some strong emotion -read almost anything- my body does strange things. Now it's been a bit of a stressful week. Financial near collapse, impending upwards of fifty hour work weeks, migraine. And now that my head has finally decided that throbbing like it's three feet wide and full of hot water isn't a good idea I have hives.

I've been prone to hives since I was a kid. Pollen, stress, anger, occasionally joy and I get bumpy. Bumpy and itchy.


The doctor said I'd grow out of this. Said 'oh when you're older it'll probably stop.'

HELLO...I'm almost 30 damn years old.

And I'm sitting here with hives in the crack of my ass.

Why don't docs ever just say, 'you know what I can't tell you if that will stop.' It'd make it easier to take.

Enough of this for right now.

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