Tuesday, July 27, 2004


When it rains it motherfucking pours.  Seriously.

On the bright side Mike is getting better little by little.  Very scary being in the ER for that long.  Bad flash backs.  Goddamn.

Anyhow..fuck I have to leave again here shortly.  First mail to my boss needs finishing.

So here's a funny I've been saving.

Today was really awful.
I got out of bed FUCK!
I feel unusual because my antidepressants are making me hairy.
I'm so angry. Paul is grounded. AGAIN! And I'm not allowed to see him. EVER. It's just NOT FAIR. I hate my mom and I wish she was dead. This wouldn't happen if I was allowed to live with dad.
Last night I had to shave my entire body. Apparently, the lice that I caught from Amanda's friend are really hard to get rid of. I look quite strange with no hair and eyebrows. I'd post pictures, but my webcam is broken.
I want to tell the world to get fucked.
I am updating this journal for the first time in ages, because I've been in prison.
Today, I got a digital camera! Yes! Here's some photos of my cock.
I want to say thanks to the academy for giving me this award.
I went to the doctor yesterday, and he said I have bipolar disorder, and a healthy imagination.
You should all do this quiz! It's amazingly accurate. You just put in your name and birthday, and it will tell you you're a moron.
Yeah this is about how smart I'm feeling right now.
That's enough for now. But I'll leave you with Yeah..well poop.
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