Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I'm exhausted and cranky. I didn't sleep much or well. Startled out of sleep round 4 then well yeah.

I keep losing my train of thought. Reciting bits of stray poetry to myself. Reading things five times to understand them.

I think tonight (insert unhappy face...annoyed grunt here) I will eat then break down and take a couple of sleepy pills. I have a little assortment to decide from. I'm not excited about it because I hate drugged sleep.

But it is only Tuesday and I can't spend the rest of the week so tired.

I tried this new eyeshadow I bought the other day. Creme to powder in a shiny shade called cafe au lait. It went on like a dream and has done quite well despite my case of the greasies. I also bought a glittery lipgloss that smells grapey but isn't. That part is disappointing but it is pretty.

Gotta love the el cheapo make up at Walgreens. Nothing like a wee shiny to perk a girl up.

I need to paint my nails.


Fucks sake I just stared at the streen for two minutes about drooling on myself.

I need pain easers of some sort, sleep and something to eat. I think tonight I'll have myself a nice fat bowl of mashed taters. Then a bath and then....hopefully sleep through the night.

I'm really annoyed with myself creatively. I can't seem to manage to start anything new much less finish it. I keep thinking I should finish my Nanowrimo novel from last year. Then I think I should chuck it all and try to forget the writing for awhile.

Funny right.

If I'm cranky now that'll just make me pure motherfucking evil.

I don't know what to do.

Do they make a laxative for the creativly constipated?

Gods my spelling is ridiculous.

I think I'll stop while I'm behind.


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