Tuesday, October 19, 2004

As I get older I notice that I am far less patient with stupid people. My annoyance threshhold has dimished and it's getting hard for me not to just blurt into people's faces -Will you back the fuck away from me you fucking moron.- Lest I get myself fired.

I am actually a lot better at keeping myself to myself when I should. Although lately the verbal lashings have been a little frequent and a little loud.

What is a poor girl to do?

You take a breathe, admire your own boobs (oh look hi girls.) Remind yourself that no matter how special someone who is in your space may be, there is someone out there who has to put up with them a hell of a lot more than you do.

For the first time in my 27 years I am actually rather comfortable with my crankiness. I realize and embrace the fact that I can be caustic rude and downright evil. I realized that the other day (no not the I'm mean part but that I'm ok with it) and I feel freed. Well not freed but at least that's one less thing to worry about.

I remember an email I got from my other webjournal. Some upset frau with far too much time on her hands where she accused me of being self involved, ego-centric and shallow amongst other sins. Then proceeded to tell me all about how my sexuality and how I talk about my sexuality and my looks blablabla were all so detrimental to the feminist cause and whatnot.

Women like that piss me right off. I am a girl a very girly girl who happens to like fucking, cars and computers. Why do people insist on making everyone elses lives their fucking business? I don't know this person, she doesn't know me, why be all up in arms if I'm all happy after giving a very good blow job or after trying a new mascara?

Fuck you.

Jesus. Get out of my fucking koolaid.

If people could learn to mind their own business rather than everyone elses can you imagine the sheer amount of shit that would get done?

*Insert me sitting here grunting*

Sometimes I really have to wonder if it pays to communicate with other than my chosen circle of humans. Most other ones inevitably piss me off in one way or another.

Is it so goddamn hard to if you don't like something leave it alone? Don't like a movie turn it off. Don't like a book, stop reading it. Don't like what someone has to say, don't listen. It's not rocket science.

Or is it?

I have to wonder sometimes if I'm not just too smart for my own good.

I've decided......nope I'm not.

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