Monday, June 20, 2005

The Devil's Boots.

That isn't a reference to anything except that I thought it's what some lady on the bus said. She might've who knows.

So went to storage yesterday and got myself some girl clothes and such. Retrieved primping gear and a tube of my favorite face mask. That makes me relax some.

In other news in celebration of the warm weather I wore one of the dresses I bought a few months ago off of Gothic Auctions. I was a little afraid it wouldn't fit but it does fit nicely.

I'm really really tired. I've been at work since 11 and been up and at em since around 8ish. Which in the scheme of dayshift workers isn't early but I do work swing shift so it's been a long day. Further proof that I am just not a dayshift person. I had to have two cups of coffee and about a liter and a half of water before I felt even vaguely human.

So yeah.

Did a little freewrite. Here's part of it. I'm not done yet so this is all you get.

It's my favorite time of the morning. Just around 4:30 and the city is silent around me. I take my breaks at odd times and nobody seems to mind. I take my key card and slip out of the building to roam for 45 minutes. I like the echo of my footsteps amongst the giant empty buildings. The occasional soft snore from a doorway.

Even my boss likes to say, "even the crackheads are asleep."

Usually they are.

I like to walk down the street smoking, looking around at things you don't really notice when there are a bajillion tourists, bums, crackheads, drunks and whomever milling around. I like how the sidewalk is laced with something sparkly on fourth avenue. Sometimes if you stop just right on the corner of Blackston and Third you can barely hear the freight trains miles away.

It's my world at that time of morning. Or at least it was until I saw her. I was walking and looked up to give the gargoyles on one of the buildings a friendly nod and there she was.

The only lit window in a dark building. She raised her arms over her head and danced slowly, as if slow dancing with her own shadow. I can never quite see her face but she looks happy. She looks like she's all alone in the world and just enjoying herself.

Yeah and I just thought I'd share but I really have to pee now. So goodnight Sally

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