Friday, June 17, 2005

Yeah I know. If anyone is still actually reading this yes I haven't updated in a long time. Sue me.

Actually been writing in my other journal more and had forgotten the password to this one.

So yeah.


  • Mike is out of the hospital sans one testicle.
  • We moved after the move from fucking hell.
  • As a result of said move I'm fucking broke.
  • We're living with a friend on a beautiful island.
  • I'm considering getting extensions.

That's about it in a nutshell.

Now for other things...this is cross posted from my other journal. I might just start doing that more often. Enjoy.

So I've been reading a lot as usual. I went and submitted two stories the other day (no I'm not telling you where I have a wee superstition about that) and have been refreshing myself about the proper manuscript format. I just read this written by William Shunn(as usual the links will open in a new window or a new tab if you are super cool and use Firefox.) it is an excellent guide.

I also just read this article at the Horror Writers Association and it's a good reminder.

I like to read author interviews with some amazingly prolific writers as well. I always have to take pause to wonder just how it is they do it. In an interview Dan Simmons he said, "I knew that I wanted to be a writer even before I knew exactly what being a writer entailed. " I find that interesting. I had much of the same experience although until I got older I didn't think to say writer. Of all of the fantasy lives I dreamt up for myself, forensic scientist, fashion designer, detective, archaeologist, cultural anthropologist in all of that work I imagined for myself I imagined not only doing whatever the thing was but writing about it.

I remember when I was enthralled by studying the various death rituals of different cultures (around age 9) I had the idea to write a comprehensive history of death rituals from around the world. Instead I hand wrote detailed instructions on how to mummify a body along with, replacement ingredients for those unavailable in modern times, along with a will as to who got what of my stuff. I was cute wasn't I?

A few years later I invested myself in creating a line of clothing. I drew it all up and made a few things. And had intended on writing instructions and little stories to go with each piece.

What was my point again?

Oh yes it is that I've always been writing, for one reason or another.

In other news I've decided that I am going to figure out how to make cosplay sort of clothing. (Click the link to see examples.) And gothic Lolita (again clicky for an explanation) clothing.

Personally I'm more interested in the Gothic Lolita/EGL sort of clothing. However much of the problem to me is that so much of it is a.) so fucking expensive (HA thought I'd do an entry without saying fuck didn't you?) b.) comes in wee tiny sizes only. Honestly I've seen way too many companies and individuals who list clothing that's a size 8 as an extra large. And it sucks.

I'm not going to start ranting about sizing and whatnot. I do that plenty enough.

However I will rant about the fact that yes my style is very important to me and expressing it is equally important. I like my outsides to match however I'm feeling on the insides. It's not a bad thing people.

And I think I'm spent. Fuck I got outbid on the skirt I wanted. Goddamn it.

That makes me a cranky little fucker.

Now I'm going.

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