Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Currently I'm drinking some very strong detox tea given the amount of Advil I'm taking.

In laptop news I found three different ones I want and will be making my final decision next week.

In writing news: three subs still out. Didn't win the fiction contest I entered. Got a nice thank you note with the winners announcements.

Hm..in other news my stomach is kind of angry but I think it was the Powerbar I ate. I used to really hate those but, I've grown kind of fond of them.

I also have a new purse. I got an Elvis purse at Rite aid and it is KICK ASS. The King, on my arm. And it has a matching coin purse.

I got a nice compliment on my style today. One of the workers on the ferry a nice older lady said I always wear the most interesting well put together things. Today she said I looked like I should be in the Matrix.

I'm wearing a full length black net dress, black yoga pants and a black tanktop with spider webs down the left breast and side. Along with my cloth mary janes since I need a stretcher for my leather ones (Note to self find shoe stretcher thinger). My nails are painted black, I'm wearing a black silky head wrap, and I had on my new lovely black sunglasses with the bronze looking accents at the temples.

And of course my very cute hoody from Old Navy. My first puchase from Old Navy and I like it save for the stupid pinky striped ribbon thing that I intend to cut off.

I also wore a bright red dress the other day. BRIGHT fire engine red which I'm not sure how I feel about it. I like the color but the cut of the top gives me a bit of the uniboob. So I think I'm going to cut the top off and make a wide-ish black sash for the skirt so it can be a mid-rise circle skirt.

I recently started using Aveeno's POSITIVELY RADIANT™ Cleanser and I have to say a few days in I'm liking it quite a bit. I tried the Neutrogena skin evening stuff but I found my skin was a little too flaky and weird using it.

How boring am I? I do actually have something to talk about just have to work my mind around it I suppose. I've been writing shitty poetry again *spanks own hand* I might post it I might not it depends. I wrote another little prose free write kind of thing because I saw a woman who reminded me face wise of someone I miss talking to. Might post that too.

So yeah. I don't think I have much else to say currently.


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