Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Some of the shitty poetry I've been writing that I don't think I'll post in my other blog. So yeah.

Do I call thee demon?
You stare at me as if I should know better.
You look like I should be jealous.
Jealous of your smile and wily ways.
You part my lips in the semblance of a snarl.
Eyes that are not mine stare from the mirror.
Bestial beauty.
Barely constrained by civility.
I look closer.
Yes eye to eye with the enemy.
I smile - She smiles.
Obsidian eyes gleaming with cold fire.
I say I'll eat you alive.
She says I'll finish you for desert.
Slowly she is no longer the stranger.
This skin is my own.
The glittering eyes I begin to recognize.
And I am no ghost.
I smile and give her a wink.
She smiles and winks back.
We say - I don't love you but I know you.
Love will come soon enough.
The woman I was-
The woman I am
Together behind black eyes and secret smiles.

Other assorted fragments

The give of my flesh between your teeth? Taste me on your tongue? Do your fingers stretch for me still in the night?

I'll call for you in the long empty night. Seek the high places and howl my desires into the careless wind. Show myself as naked desire to the face of the moon. I will call until I have no voice and then- I will wait for you.

Yeah that's it.

Goodnight Sally. For real this time.

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