Thursday, July 07, 2005

Türk kahvesi Az sekerli- Turkish coffee lightly sweetened in case that threw you.

That is what I want right now. However I have my slightly lightened sweetened Americano instead. That seems to be helping. And people bring your own cup to the coffee place. Whatever sort of place you go to it'll save you money.

I started this yesterday but moving on.

I've decided that in my pursuit of keeping myself sane the nights when I have relief come in early I'm going to leave just a hair early so I can sit and either have a coffee or Heinekin (I screwed the spelling on that) in order to write and/or just sit quietly by myself. I don't get enough of that and it's making me seriously cranky.

Also I need to start doing yoga. Badly.

In other news I fucking hate Playtex tampons. The shape of them versus the shape of me just does not work out well. I'm thanking my uterus I'm not heavily bleeding this time around because otherwise I'd have some stained pants.

Sometimes being a chick sucks, but then I remember multiple orgasms and I feel a little better.

I think tonight I'm going to Veet my fuzzy legs and finally wax my damn eyebrows. I got my hair relaxed and it's grown quite a bit and thickened back up. I'm quite pleased with the monster fuzz. I probably won't shave my head out of black girl hair angst.

And I got the most fabulous new sunglasses at Rite Aid. I've been in dire need of a new pair and the ones I got rock my world. I think that's about it folks.

Goodnight Sally.

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