Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Actually not more important stuff. I thought about it and realized I didn't feel like going on at length (again) about the sad state of my writing and whatnot. I'm just really not in the mood. To cap off my anti-fab Monday yesterday I spilled tea inside my pocket.

Yes you read that right.


So I went home with a damp hoody pocket and a big annoyance.

As I was on my way to work on the bus today I saw something really amusing. This woman got on the bus one of those purse clutching, almost disgusted looking type of women who don't ride the bus often with us lesser beings. What amused me was watching her ride.

She first sat at the extreme outside of her double seat to prevent anyone from sitting next to her and maybe contaminating her with their bus rider cooties. Then the bus got crowded and I'm sure she noticed people giving her dirty looks when she very nearly didn't let an elderly man sit next to her.

You have to picture this woman. Big designer bag, shopping bags from Macy's, very carefully made up and coiffed. At first glance very upper class lovely lady with a very nasty attitude.

I watched her almost choking her cute designer bag when dundundaaa two very scary looking teenaged boys got on the bus and sat in the row of seats opposite. I watched her get that 'ew OMFG what a disgusting human' look when the old man sat down. Then as she leaned away and back from the old man I saw something that made it all very funny.

She had about the worst case of dandruff I've ever seen.

Caught up in the sprayed pomp of her hair was a good half pound of flaking scalp.

I've had dandruff. I've had very bad dandruff before and usually I knew to check these things before going out. Brush off the shoulders, flick away the more obvious bits. You know take care to check for strays.

Now most people still mistake dandruff for filthy hair. It's actually a skin condition as far as I know. But I have to admit a small amount of glee considering that people were probably looking at her head the same way she was looking at everyone on the bus.

Just another instance of- 'Check yo-self before you riggety wreck yo-self.'

That reminds me I should watch the movie Orgazmo again sometime soon.

I fucking forgot to restock my work tea supply again. I have none and I'm freezing. I am growing to really hate air conditioning in an evil 'I will pee in it and break it' kind of way.

I was going to rant until K.D Lang just came on the streaming radio station I listen to. I can't be angry listening to her sing. It's just impossible. I love her voice.

Fuck I forgot about this. So yeah that's it for today I guess. My other point was lost. I'm going to go home in a few minutes and hopefully get fed and pass the fuck out because I'm tired.

Goodnight Sally.

PS.. Send snacks I want pie.

PPS...I forgot to post this yesterday so I'm predating it. Something more current today.

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