Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fuck off and die.

No seriously.

Why is it a good number of my favorite online places have been plagued by fucking trolls?

How fucking bored do you have to be to sit and bitch and piss and moan and be a dick somewhere that you don't like, and have no interest in?

Is it SO fucking hard to think that yes there are other people out there with different tastes than you have and they might enjoy it?

Stop pissing in my fucking sandbox.

What me cranky?

Yes just a little.

Anyhow since I got that out.

I've been doing quite a few little micro fiction type freewrites. The lack of laptop has lately been making itself overly known. Ireally either need to buy one or learn to handwrite better.

The latter is far easier than it sounds, handwriting has never been a strong suit for me. I've been reading like mad. Just lately a collection of screenplays. I've never actually read one before so it's been an experience. I find the structure interesting. Something I might enjoy playing with at some point.

Also, I have this problem story absolutely boiling in my head for at least a couple of months now.
All I can suss out when I try to sit down and write it is the following: Heaven-

Michael the Archangel has a thing for good suits.

Jesus is a hippy. God is out playing golf.

Hell- The Devil is out playing golf with god.

Abaddon is having computer problems.

And everyone is all up in arms about a potential martyr. There's questions about the martyr's parentage and actual history.

And uh...a grisly murder. Well four of them actually. And music. It's all swirling around in my head and I just can't grab ahold of it and it's driving me effectively batshit. So yeah..I'm not in a perky mood.

The formatting was ugly I had to fix it.

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Your Loving Lyricist, Anthony said...

Greetings, Nudiemuse... I can't wait to read your finished product! I'm loving your 'blog, and promise to comment more often. Write on, muse!

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