Monday, August 22, 2005

In case I haven't mentioned it lately I hate Mondays. Thus far today (approximately 1.5 hours into my shift) I've forgotten to refill my tea supply so I have 2 bags of tea, I forgot my debit card at home so I will have no other tea or coffee or whatever, my sunglasses have been here all weekend so I had to deal with sun glare and now my head hurts, I almost tripped and fell coming off of the ferry, I lost my carmex again. Now for the calamaties awaiting me at work.

Got here read email (not the best way to start off your day), major database goes down, email flies, I get confused but really don't feel like asking, enormous amount of machines go down, services, websites etc, I snagged a nail while testing said broke products websites included, yahoo ate an email I thought I sent Saturday. I have to copy and staple 30 4 page packets because nobody bothered to do it on the weekend. I am not refilling the rest of the clipboards I don't feel like that many papercuts today. I have few cigarettes to last me the rest of the day. I've taken 5 Advils and my headache is only lifted a little bit.

And well..I fucking hate Mondays.

So in non whining angsty news. =20

The day hasn't been all bad. I found a neat punk zine called Pocket Full of Change. If you're into punk music and art it's worth checking out. I also picked up a free Tom Waits postcard that will be living a long life as a bookmark. I love postcards, I've collected them on and off for years.

I love all sorts of postcards. Although getting them is by far the best thing ever. I have some from a few different countries. Most of my collection has gone by the wayside in my many moves and the occasional, "Why am I such a fucking packrat" purgings that I've done of my belongings.

I actually have something really important to me to talk about but I don't want it intermingled with my bitching.

Tally ho.

I've edited this entry three times because I can't make a fucking link. What the fuck?

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