Friday, August 26, 2005

Ok yeah what the fuck is going on here? I was bleeding at the start of the month and I'm bleeding again. That is just not fucking fair. Not fair at all. I thought I've felt a=20 little weird but goddamn it. That means an extra trip to the gyno because yet again my fucking body has decided to play games with me. Good thing I didn't take my stupid Dittie tampons home. Fucksake. Anyway it's my honey's birfday and I've been busy planning surprises. Firstone should be on the way just now. YAY!

Fucking lost my train of thought. T his whole spontaneous change of my menstrual cycle bothers me. Ever just want to plug an orifice with a cork so you don't have to deal with it? Yeah well that's how I'm feeling about it now. Stupid girl parts.

Jesus TapDancing Christ I'm going to stab something in the eye. With my pen.

I'm serious.

And before I forget my new Interview is up. I'll find my old one and link it too. and contrast the Nudiemuse of today versus the Nudiemuse of yesteryear.

Yes I still say pussy and fuck way too often.

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