Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ever have that 'How bout I stab you in the eye?' sort of feeling when some stranger talks to you?

No? Ok must be just me.

Last night on my way home as I was digging into my book Timeline by Michael Crichton this jackass decides I must look ripe for the inept hitting on.

Yeah no.

Little tip for those of you looking for your next hunka burning love. If said hottie is nose deep in a book they probably don't want to have a conversation with you about how cool it is that maybe someday they'll reanimate some dinosaur DNA. Shut up.

I'll digress for a moment. I've actually read this before. I listened to the audio book a few years ago and enjoyed it. I'm not a huge Michael Crichton fan but it's decent. And it was free since my nonbudget has not allowed for new reading materials.

Where was I? Eye stabbing right.

So I make it onto the ferry only to be waylayed by a nice but doddering old man who was complimenting me on my fancy silver nails. And extolling the virtues of diversifying the Island (as in Bainbridge...keep up). Yeah great go away.

And yesterday I started bleeding. What the fuck? 3.5 week cycle? What am I in puberty? Fuck sake I fucking hate my reproductive system sometimes.

So I'm very cranky. Hurting. I left my last two Pamrpin's at home. Those were the only thing to touch the backache, knees ache, cramps, bloating and churning guts.

Ok something less cranky.

I was crawling around in Twice Sold Tales and between playing with a fat gray kitty who if you walk away from her first looks hurt then will hook a paw in your pants leg until you give up the belly rubbing I found my next few books I think.

First The Persistant Desire: A Femme Butch Reader edited by Joan Nestle. It looks interesting as we all know I enjoy the HLA (hot lesbian action) and reading about it gives me a tingle in my bathing suit area.

I'm tempted to order myself some used books on gender. Maybe Transgender Warriors: Making History From Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman by Leslie Feinberg. Or maybe Sexing the Body: Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality by Anne Fausto-Sterling. But I know myself and I might get over into it and go on another streak of sex politics.

I don't know. I've been reading some excellent fiction (excellent not light) and some lighter reading might do me well. I don't know.
I had a depressing moment yesterday. I subjected myself to looking at some classes I'd sell my left tit to a.)afford and b.)qualify for.

this class. I will admit though that I find the idea of taking some writing classes to be a good one however, I find it daunting in a way that's hard to describe. You'd have to see my face.

It's all intermingled with a lot of fears I have surrounding school in general. I don't really feel like giong into it.
I think that's about all I have to say right now. I'd rather not trot down the depression road at the moment. I'm just hormonal enough I might start crying while trying to kick someone and that would probably get me fired.

Goodnight Sally...

PS..more on the education issue later.

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