Friday, September 16, 2005

Ever noticed that when I get all frothy round the mouth I can fuck up some links all to hell?

Yeah me too.

So right now between playing this nerdy online game and sipping a crappy energy drink I am typing up the story I wrote most of last night on the ferry.

Laptop needing has been fully highlighted by this experience.

It's been a pretty long time since I really wrote out an entire short story by hand. My handwriting is bad and has always been bad. ( did horrible on penmanship in school, back in the day I would've never been able to be a librarian.) I mean it's bad even when I print unless I write painfully slowly. I think it has to do with the way I hold my pens, what kind of pen I'm using and just how fevered I am. Last night was fevered. I had missed the 10:05 ferry by about two minutes so I sat outside hunched over my little purple mini legal pad scribbling away while banging my head to the Soulfly (Prophecy is a really good album and the one I was listening to. Probably didn't help the pace of my writing;) album blaring away in my headphones.

On the bus I had been listening to Santana and the song on that cd with Citizen Cope called Sideways got me to thinking. Now about two months ago I read a shitload of stuff on Greek Mythology for fun and last night I had sirens running around in my head. They have been for weeks see here for some visual cues as to the story..I'll explain that later on sometime. And finally it just hit me.

Sirens evolving, a cautionary tale and a big fuckin dog.

So I spent the 50 minutes I had to wait for the ferry scribbling, then the 35 minute ferry ride. Then my 35 minute ferry ride here and it's about done. Now just to get it all typed up. Unlike many authors I've read and spoken to I'm not very good with the handwriting. Poems yes, those strange prose-ish natterings yes, but stories yeah not so much.

I'm going to come up with a plan to find a laptop for super cheap. My Byootiful has some of his friends on both coasts and a cross country truck driver looking out for me. And I am fairly sure that either by Giftmas or earlier I will have said laptop.

Ok back to the salt mines. But you get an excerpt.


The dog Magus looked at the two men and craned his neck at Merle, drooling and tail thumping against the couch.

‘Better go on and pet him. He’ll cry like a baby if you don’t. There’s a table over there next to his couch you can pull the chair around right up there close.’

Merle got up, he loved dogs. Especially big sleepy looking dogs. Magus wagged his tail with a little more vigor while Merle pulled the chair up close and began administering the much appreciated ear scratching.

Goodnight Sally.. boy drawers are in a twist and I think I'm going to have to remove them and put them in my purse. me your boobs.

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