Monday, September 12, 2005

I just inadvertantly read what is supposedly Hunter S. Thompson's suicide note. I feel a little nauseated now. I hate the feeling of reading something like that. Not only because of my complicated feelings about suicide but because it's fucking personal.

I'm not feeling real good and I'm cranky.

Emotions all awibble again.

Lots on my mind no clear way to communicate any of it other than to grunt and flail my arms while drooling on myself.

That's a sexy mental image innit?

Now for a book review.

I'm just about finished reading Summer of Night by Dan Simmons. It's been a very good read thus far.

The Amazon page linked above is a little misleading. The Publisher's Weekly blurb says: "Hugo Award-winning novelist Simmons pens an outstandingly eerie horror story about a group of Midwestern boys stalked by an ancient evil."

Which while accurate doesn't really give you a good idea of the scope of this novel. Simmon's has created a group of kids who, in addition to not all being best buddies are really kids we all might've known at that age. The thing I like about Simmon's books is one of the things I like about Stephen King. He has an extraordinary ability to make his characters stories believable because they aren't caricatures or cartoonish. They are regular people who in the midst of doing regular things their lives get fucked up by the big evil.

Simmon's successfully wrote kids. Reading it didn't feel like reading it from an adult perspective. I highly respect that.

The supernatural elements are also done very very well. I'm not a huge fan of BIG BANG BOOM! Type progression. Especially when the main characters of a book are not people who have any real reason to have specialized occult knowledge. Matter of fact that really irks me in some horror.

I far prefer either the characters having some knowledge for a reason or none until they stumble on it.

The book is hefty. A substantial sized paperback at just over 600 pages. I've enjoyed it very much and will probably reread the sequel A Winter Haunting (which I read first) again. I can see how reading this will give me a better understanding of the protagonist in A Winter Haunting.

And now for my smooth segue into my own writing.

Hot damn I am smooth like a mofo.

In reading some of my older stuff I realized that I have a serious love for the 'OH GOD that's fucked up.' kind of characters/stories/situations. I like the outside edges of things. I enjoy going past the point of reason. I like to go there because a good part of my psyche is there.

Did that make any fucking sense what so ever?

So yeah.

I was going to paste a little from that spec fic/slipstream story I had published last year but don't feel like it now. If you want the link ask.
I'm done for now. I'm going to eat my donut and hope my tummy calms itself down before I hurl.

Goodnight Sally...

PS... Note to self: plz stop with the angry guts. kthnks

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