Monday, September 19, 2005

It's Monday and I'm not pissed off surprise surprise. Actually I'm in a fair mood. Except that I'm dressed way too warm-weather. Oops. The prospect of a dollar chicken sandwhich screwed up my judgement.

In other knews I saw Shrek 2 and it was fucking hilarious. That might replace Monsters Inc as my favorite animated movie. I need a screen cap of Puss in Boots doing his little sad kitty face.

I also saw Underworld which I thought was ok. I'd have liked to see a little bit more of their take on the whole vampire/werewolf mythology but it was interesting. It reminded me of my favorite vampire series of books. The Shadow Saga by Christopher Golden. That is an excellent trilogy of books. Magic, vampires, politics, religion. Got it all in a nice package that isn't too sappy and/or lengthy. Good stuff.

So I'm thinking about Nanowrimo again. Unsure if I'm doing it this year or not. I could do it however as usual I have no idea what I might want to do. Last year I did a vampire-ish thing. This year who knows. 50k is a lot of verbiage.

I'm thinking I want to make a new template but the computer I use at home doesn't have photochop and I'd really like to make my own cool graphic of some sort. That is why I have no new banners either I've been meaning to change my clix one and forgetting.

I've been thinking of making one of those girly silhouettes that instead of being some cut out might actually be yours truly. And no you can't see any of my naughty bits.

I realized the other day that my hair is actually longer than it's been since I was in highschool and I have no idea what the hell to do with it. Aside of course from wear my ponytail and uh....yeah. So I'm thinking I'll be needing to get a curling iron or something out of storage. But I'm a little reluctant because my hair is really really healthy and I don't want to start using a lot of heat on it.
In other news I gave myself a shiny silver manicure and I do really like the Sally Hansen Chrome series of polishes better than the Revlon. The Revlon dries fast but isn't quite as shiny as I'd like. That's two coats of topcoat when I get home. After a body fatigue/relaxation bathbombed bath and another mask since my skin is acting like I'm 14 again.

Enough of my babble.

Goodnight Sally.

PS...My pants keep sliding southward and I'm afraid someone is going to see my crack.

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