Tuesday, September 06, 2005

So my vague feelings of discontent from earlier have merged and grown into what I can only describe as entire pissiness.

I'm tired again and finding that I really don't like some of the online communities I'm a part of lately. Some shift of culture finds me seeking online hermitdom.

On a good note I've been talking with an online friend who I'd lost contact with and that's really nice. I forgot how much I enjoy talking to him.

Bonus points for me.

It's kind of funny to think about. There are a handfull of people whom I've known since I got onto the net. Almost 7 years now or so. Amazing. I never really entertained the idea that I could have good friends this way before that. Hell I barely knew how to check my email back then.

I think it means a lot to me mainly because most of my friends outside the digital world aren't around anymore. They are dead, in jail, scattered to the four winds, at least one lost his mind and resides in some mental hospital in California last I heard from his sister. So friends, especially friends with whom I can not talk to or have contact with for months and when we run across each other it's easy and unawkward is a rare treat.

I forgot now what my original point was aside from being unhappy with some of the online areas I frequent.


Fuck it.

I'm going home. My back hurts like someone booted me right above the crack of my ass, my neck hurts and my lump is growing, and well. I just want to go home lay down and maybe have a waffle.

So yeah.

Goodnight Sally.


Anonymous said...
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Crazy Bike Guy said...

Gah, SPAM in your blog comments?!

Nudiemuse said...

What the fuck? Goddamn it. That makes me cranky that shit is getting deleted.

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