Friday, September 02, 2005

This is really important. A good friend of mines family just escaped New Orleans and have nothing. If anyone has girls clothes size 14+ or any extra womens clothing size 10-14 and would be willing to donate it I'd really appreciate it.

My friend Sandy's sisters and kids will be here in Seattle in a few days and they have nothing left. No clothes no nothing. Anything anyone could spare would be great.

If you have anything at all please email me at weebeasty AT myway DOT com.


Also two of her step daughters are still missing:

Child's name~Ta-Tanya Williams
DOB Feb 8,1990
Her mothers name~ Tranette Williams
Fathers Name~ Raymond Rochon
Home address ~was in Iberville Housing development

Child's name~Antoinette Fairly
DOB May 26,1992
Mothers name~Tiffany Fairly
Fathers Name~ Raymond Rochon
Antoinette's Grandma Gwendolyn is in a Wheelchair to Diabetes

If you can help or know anything please email me right away thank you.

To make this easier please email me at weebeasty AT myway DOT com

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