Thursday, September 15, 2005

The title is from the movie Super Troopers that is some funny shit go watch it.

I am a ranty little beast. I did all that spewing yesterday and forgot to actually rant about something else.

So I didn't tell anyone (mainly because I forgot about it) that a month or so ago I applied via email to be a book reviewer for a new (I'm not linking them keep reading you'll see why) wimmins ezine.

So I wrote up three reviews. Granted they weren't super fabulous but they were pretty good. Now I was turned down for the position not because I wrote bad reviews but, because the main editor didn't like the books I was reading.

Prior to that there had been no mention of a preferred genre, no favorites listed. But as it turns out what she wanted was Chick Lit. (Can you feel me twitch?)

I tried reading chick lit. I really did. And I have yet to find any that were held my attention in a way other than a, 'you silly bitch shut up and go make me a sandwhich'. Kind of way.

Then even after I said I'd consider it she went and made a serious mistake. Either she googled my name or the editor who I'd originally submitted to sent her links to my other works or whatever she found my other works and I assume my photos.

She ever so politely said something like this.

"Since you're African American maybe you should review some of the hot new urban romance novels and urban literature."

(Insert moment of silence as my head fills with steam.)

So because I'm black I must be dying to read 'urban' literature. No.

I have read some of this and found it terrible. A dumbed down stereotype embracing systemic commercialization of a lot of things that are wrong in black culture.

I replied as politely as I could that if she wanted a black reviewer to review black literature I would be reviewing Maya Angelou, W.E.B Du Bois, Zora Neal Hurston, Octavia E. Butler.

The list goes on but you get my point.
I was so amazingly pissed off. There is nothing worse to me than when someone assumes that because of the color of your skin you must be into whatever. Screw you asshole.

So yeah. Needless to say I won't be taking part in that.
In other non ranty news I promised Wes that I'd post some work safe subversive type stuff to look at.

Courtesy of the fabulousMei. Homo Penguins. That should clear up any doubts as to who's fault global warming really is. I mean it's TEH GAYS I TELL YOU IT'S TEH GAYS!

Ok theeeennnn...

Next up UnderGround Voices Magazine. Mental Illness, obsession and chock full of damn good writing. They also have featured artists every month and poetry. In all one I keep up with and will be trying to get published in.

Cherry Bleeds. Another fine literary magazine. Not updated as often as I'd like but one I read often. Always solid quality writing and the Drinks with Tony feature is very good if you like downloading and listening to interviews.

Quantum Muse. If you've beenr eading me long enough you'll remember they published a story of mine this past year. They specialize in sci-fi, fantasy, alternative, and some good artwork. I have made it a point to keep up with this website. As I have I've noticed my enjoyment of Sci-fi as a genre has actually increased.

Thug Lit. This one is a new magazine. Puply hard boiled fiction. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it just yet. It's got a good flavour but, I'm not sure how much it's suited to my palate.

That should keep you all occupied for now.

As for me I'm going to settle my crankiness with some green tea and hope my fucking ear/throat stops hurting. The worst thing is it isn't hurting like throbbing hurting more like a stabby type pain every now and then that makes me wince.
But those vitamin c/zinc lozenges I've been dutifully let melt in my mouth aren't so bad. Save for the slightly assy taste.

I did say...slightly assy.

Say it to yourself..slightly assy.

That could describe any number of things huh?

Ok I'm really done.

Goodnight Sally.

PS...Your fly is down.


Your Loving Lyricist, Anthony said...

Greetings, Nudemuse,

The person of whom you spoke in your rant about the unfortunate movie reviwer position rejection is breathing proof that ANYONE can tack the word "editor" onto their name when their need to feel important is greatest, however, there's no accounting for taste or intellect.

I can relate to every emotion you must have felt upon first reading that crack about your being African-American in relation to what you should be reading. It would not be appreciated at all for any editor of color to say to a Caucasian reviewer incumbent "Well, since you're white, perhaps you should be reading and reviewing the kind of pedantic pseudopsychological self-help feminine supremacist drivel that so many of your kind writes, and that has most Caucasian men chasing Asian women now because the guys can't stand the bullshit anymore."

Such a response would as wrong as it is unfair and unprofessional, but I think it illustrates my point.

You'd think that people would learn to listen to themselves as they speak, but apparently not. I'll never forget the inquiry of person with whom I was once developing a friendship (and also to whom I no longer speak) "What do you mean you write horror? Aren't you black?"

As if that consitutes the be-all end-all determination of what my or your interests and inclinations should be...

So I will now remove my typically easy-going, mellow mask to issue the following epithet, which I don't think you or anyone else will hold against my doing just this once:

Fuck that dimwitted cow and her alabaster sensibilities! The loss is not yours, but hers. Don't ever think otherwise.

I'll understand if you must delete this post (but I'm hoping you'll let it stand)


Nudiemuse said...

Hell no I'm not deleting that baby. Well said and I'm glad you understand where I'm coming from. It's always appreciated.

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