Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fuck sake. There is actually a battle going on inside my head right now. Coldebola versus sinusysupersnot. I'm not sure who's winning. All I know is my throat hurts from the constant flow of nastiness, my head is alternately stuffed full or dry as a bone and I'm fucking exhausted.

I am alternately manic and then I'm pooped out. Last night I had a weird few moments. I ate too early I think and while I was waiting for the ferry I had this frisson of 'ughsotiredwannafallout' followed (or maybe caused by) a sugar crash of Twinkie Junkie proportions. I had to buy a semi stale bag of Famous Amos cookies and a cup of cocoa before I felt right. And I still didn't feel right when I got home. Byootiful fed me fried rice and very yummy baked in the can tuna with garlic and lots of lemon pepper.

That was nice but I still didn't sleep really well.

I've had this story idea knocking around in my head for the past few days. And because I'm smart I keep forgetting to bring the blank notepad I have left. Watch me go I'm super smart.

Wow it's hard to be cranky and pissed off listening to Blues Traveler. I was just about to rant about something but I lost it singing along with Blues Traveler.

Note to self: learn to not sing along when your throat is sore you silly bitch.

Where was I? Ranting, sickly, annoyed yes yes and yes.

I lost my train of thought again. Fuck it nevermind. I'm going to work on a submission to a local zine and listen to launch cast until it starts to suck.

Goodnight Frank.

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