Monday, October 03, 2005

I forgot to post this the other day and figured I should so the follow up will make some kind of sense.

The story for the Bizarro contest is finished and posted here.
For the delectation of whomever. I'm actually pretty pleased with
that one. It's a different take on having a doll as the central
thing of uh..focus.

A few of my friends who read it (half of which I believe to be pure
flattery) said they were alternately amused and repulsed. Sweet
talk me, I like it.

It's a little longer than I'd initially wanted but that's ok.

I"m feeling pretty prolific. Now if I could get myself to doing
some serious editing I'd be further on my way towards getting back into
the music of writing the way I like.

I'm a little cranky, I was outbid almost simultaneously (I did not
spell that right) on a pair of shoes and on a laptop. That makes
me cranky and annoyed.

I think I'm going to start a little something new. I've got some sort of other thing brewing in my head.

Earlier today I was thinking about part of my reticence about sending
off submissions. I think a lot of it has to do with most of my
writing isn't easily categorized. It doesn't fit neatly into
whatever genre I think I might be writing for.

Wow I totally forgot about this so nevermind about the rest.

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