Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm sick. Haven't felt right since Sunday ish and yesterday I actually called in sick to work. (I know I know how your applause).

So today while I am feeling marginally better I'm so cranky I just want to kick almost everyone I see who isn't sick. Go figure.

Listening to Beethoven radio is helping. As is the giant cup of mint tea I just got at Tully's.

Nothing much else new at present. I forgot about this entry entirely for about an hour. Just goes to show you how easily I can be distracted. For the record I was reading the Ny Times book section.

I am entirely catastrophed out. So I avoid the news. I can't take any more death and destruction just now. I'm more than over saturated and I've had enough.

Enough Doom Grandma I have to poop.

Ok I think I'm done I can't concentrate on this right now. And I'm probably gonna be incommunicado for a couple of days until I can think straight without my train of thought going to wanting to stab someone.

Goodnight Frank.

PS...I want a taco.

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