Friday, November 25, 2005

Anthony made me do it.
Bloody Glitter's NEW Survey
Name & nickname(s):Shannon, Beasty, Nudemuse, Lil Fucka,
Age, Birthday & Zodiac sign:28, 03/16/1977, Pisces
Hair & Eye color:Black, almost black
Contacts or hairdye?:Contacts, hairdye often but not lately.
What you like to wear most often:Um...bum covers
What you wear when you go out:LIttle as weather allows
What do 'they' like to call you?:Um...bob?
Do you agree or disagree?:NO!
Blood or Glitter?:Bloody glitter
Types of music:All of it
Bands:(always subject to change: currently) Etta James, Sevendust, Nina Simone, Coltrane, Johnny Cash
Albums or songs:Yeah lots of em
Music videos:Lapdance (Uncensored)
Actors & Actresses:
Types of Movies:Ones that don't put me to sleep
Movie Titles:Ask me later
Foods:Sushi, gummy bears
Beverages:Tea, good coffee, Jack, Grey Goose
Jewelry:Labret none other currently.
Perfume:African Love, Rain (oils)
Other scents:Attar of Rose, Nag champa,
Colors:Purple, Silver, Black
Politics & religion
What is/will be your chosen political party?:Mine
What religion were you brought up into?:None
What is your religion/belief now?:Varies
What political issue is most important to you?:People getting a fucking clue.
What environmental issue is most important to you?:Water
What religious issue is most imporant to you?:Freedom of it
If you could change, remove or create five laws what would they be?
a.:Beat your kids or spouse? Get gang raped by the Aryan nation.
b.:Rapist? Lose your balls.
c.:fatally stupid? Die.
d.:Smoke pot? Go home and don't eat all my twinkies.
e.:Like to touch kids? Lose your frontal lobe.
Sexual orientation?:Lots of it please..thank you.
How do you feel about Gay marriage?:Get married if it works.
Drinking?:Yes vodka martini now.
Legalization of marijuanna?:Sure
The Patriot Act (and other invasions of privacy/freedom):Fuck you Bush.
Abortion?:Not up to me. Discuss it with your god.
Friendship/Social life/other activities
What do you look for in a friend?:Mutual respect, humour, loving heart, good laugh,
What is your favorite thing to do with friends?:Talk, sing, cuddle
If you could go anywhere in the world, where & why?:Right now I'd go to New Zealand and enjoy the weather.
Which 3 friends would you bring with you?:Mike, Adam and Cookie
Do you have a significant other?:Yes
Is it love or lust?:Both
Do you have a crush?:Quite a few
Who is the sexiest famous person you can think of?:Right now I'm pretty hot for
Do you like to hang out at home or go out more?:Home unless it's nice out.
Bars or Bookstores?:Both..
Favorite places to shop for clothing/fashion?:Um...yeah where it's cheap
Favorite places to shop for odds & ends?:Dusty dim places
Are you shy or outgoing?:Both
Are you more outgoing on the internet than in real life?:Not really
What are you wearing?:Low rise DKNY jeans(my first and only designer jeans) black bell sleeved tshirt, black hoody, labret, no shoes.
What time is it/What's your time zone?:5:37 PM PST
Are you with friends or alone?:Alone
What's your mood like?:Amused
Who (or what) are you thinking of?:My friends
What are you eating or drinking?:Genmaicha tea
What's on your computer desk?:Tea, cd's, mug, tea bags, spoon, two phones, stack of papers, clipboard, sugar packet, four ink pens, lip gloss
What's the coolest thing in your room?:My feet usually
What have you recieved as a gift lately?:Money
What have you given as a gift recently?:Tea
What song are you listening to (or other sound)?:Rammstein something I can't pronounce or spell
If you could add or subtract 3 questions from this survey....:Um...
a:What is your favorite kind of pie?
b:If you don't like pie what the hell is wrong with you?
c:And are you for puppies?
Why do you think you joined this community?:
Have you made any friends here so far?:No....are you watching me?
What do you think of the community in general?'s not Bob.
What sorts of things (creative, or whatever) would you like to share?:How about my creative use of my middle finger?
And what did you think of this survey in general?:It was pretty fancy.
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You've been totally Bzoink*d


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