Thursday, November 03, 2005

Earlier today I recieved a rejection letter from some magazine I submitted to months ago. And while they "liked the theme" of the poetry I submitted they don't want to publish it.

That is ok.

What is not ok is to send a rejection letter that hasn't been spell checked.

And don't question my use of indentation when you can't spell the word mmkay?

And yes Mike P you dirty bastard, I think I agree with you about Nanowrimo. It's just not happening for me this year.

Last year went reasonably well. I wrote a novelette that's been stuck in my head for ages. I had fun with it. But not so much this year.

In other news I'm still plugging away getting my poetry book together. I think I'm going to go for about 50-80 pages or so. I think I have enough material for that. On second thought maybe I won't make it all poetry. Include some of my other stuff. Rants, other assorted nonsense that might go in well.

And I still want to rewrite that Dollbaby v.2 story. I have an idea to change the ending quite a bit. And I have to get to submitting a few other things here and there.

Not to mention a promised album review, email to a friend and quite possibly a blurb for someones website.


Watch me go.

Odin don't smite me kthnks.

(I'll explain the above some other time. Inside joke with a dead friend.)

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