Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I am actually not a very happy beasty right now.

I fell down last night on my way home and my shit hurts. Knees and
back. And I did something to the area between my left shoulder blade
and neck. It fucking hurts.

I didn't skin anything or bleed (miraculously) but I fucking hurt today. Bad.

I got sedated type sleep last night but I don't feel at all rested. I
am a cranky little bastard today.

And I'm having writing issues (issues in general) that I don't even
know how to start into nor do I think I have time or space to do so
right now.


On with the plan.

Get moved.

Resurrect my hardcore budget.

Find some kind of at home(ish) part time work of some sort.

Not kill anyone.

Goodnight Frank.

PS...I hate the smell of leaf blower exhaust.

PPS... The next person to ask me how excited I am about the holidays
gets a pen jammed in their eye. Die overly perky people kthnks.

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