Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I am in fact feeling both stabby and bitey thus, I don't suggest
rattling my cage. Nothing like having to explain how you managed to
get stabbed with a pen and get bitten by a short angry black woman.

Not how you want to spend your evening.

Why am I so stabby and bitey?

Because I am working up a cluster headache in my right eye that has me
on edge and crankier than usual. Add to that the general charm of
where I work, lots of computers, lots of white noise, lots of
atmosphere unconducive to keeping a hurting head happy and ther eyou



Where was I? I saved this an hour ago.

Right. Stabby bitey...right ok.

3.5 hours later I'm not feeling much better.

So yeah.


Nevermind I guess.

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