Monday, November 21, 2005

I don't know if I mentioned it before but I really love poetry.
Lately I've been very into buying more poetry.

So today before work I stopped to peruse the .50 cent and 2 dollar
books racks at Twice Sold Tales and what did I find? A very good copy
of target="_blank">The American Night: The Writings of Jim Morrison.
One of my favorite collections. It was two dollars but since I am a
regular face at that store the cute girl (who I have a lil bit of a
crush on) gave it to me for 50 cents.

I've loved poetry since I was a really little kid. The first poem I
remembered really loving was href="" target="_blank">
"Stopping by Woods On a Snowy Evening." by Rober Frost. I
memorized it (which came in handy a few years later because I had to
do it for school) and just loved it.

I remember being on a bus to an away basketball game while I was a
cheerleader and spending most of it reading poetry to one of the other
girls. I think one of them was called 'To Hope' (because that was her
name) but I can't quite remember. Fucksake.

Anyhow. Yes I love poetry. All kinds of poetry. Classics such as
Ovid and Sappho, Allen Ginsberg, Nikki Giovanni, Pablo Neruda, Rumi,
on and on. I love picking up poets I've never heard of and being

I love it.

In writing news I'm getting a submission ready but I'm trying (read
struggling with and whining about) to write an author bio. I hate
writing those things. I always want to say something ridiculous but
then I'm afraid I won't be taken seriously. I know my sense of humour
can be off so I try not to be too strange but GAH.

The only bio I have isn't really suitable for non-porno so yeah.
Doing that. Going down my list of links to send other things off to
be dissected. Submitting work is fucking nerve wracking.

Not as nerve wracking however as actually writing.

Work on my anthology continues rather slowly. I'll have to wait until
after we move so I can start designing the cover and whatnot.

And Collette your comment sparked a thought and I'll get to it when I can think semi straight.

And uh....yeah that's it.

At least for now.

Homo Out.

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