Friday, November 04, 2005

Notes to self:

Sitting muttering about male genital piercings will get you weird looks from coworkers.

Wow that's fucked up. Is a good compliment from someone who likes fucked up things.

Oh before I forget. The Odin thing.

I had a friend who while trying to describe some boy he'd seen at Goth night at one of the local clubs said,

"He looked like a Viking in Drag."

Then really fast,

"Odin don't smite me kthanks."

I thought it was funny. And it pops into my head from time to time.

On writing: I'm working on something new. It has to do with what some boys will put up with in order to get laid regularly. In this case getting perforated by needles and being expected to learn how to skin a woman on command.

And I'm -still- working on the other thing I started about psychic and the psycho. The middle of the story is really hard, I have no idea what's happening there. I know the end, I had the start. I'm tempted to start myself a new genre. Start-end no filler.

It'll be a revolution.

And as for that Dollbaby.v.2 it can lick my balls. I cannot get it straight. Fuck it, it can die.

The original Doll Baby story however I think I might submit around. That one has an entirely different feel.

And instead of Nanowrimo I think there should be Nanohomo.

As in you sign up and have to be as gay as you possibly can. Which in my case wouldn't be hard since I'm half a fag anyway.

That by the way is my favorite phrase from the book Motherless Brooklyn. An apt moniker for me.

What was I saying?

I got distracted by some violent pornographic thoughts.

Mainly that I haven't written any porno in awhile. mmm gay porn.

Best compliment I've recieved from my porn:

"You write that as if you had a cock."


Ok I'm done. I have things to do.

Homo Out

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