Friday, December 23, 2005

I realized not too long ago I've been forgetting to update this. So here's todays entry and I'll be posting some that are backdated.~ Edited to add taht I've put up posts from the 14th on if anyone cares to read them.

There are things I do not need to make my holiday better. On the top
of that list is a drunk jackass following me from the bus to the ferry
dock begging me to go home with him.

I also do not need people staring at me. It's fucking annoying.

Yes, there is a pierced black girl on the ferry reading a book.

Thank you move along please fucko.

I am very cranky and tired today. So nothing too amusing.

Except that I'm almost at the end of Battle Royale and I'll be writing
up a review on it. It's an excellent book that I recommend if you
don't have a weak stomach and can/are willing to examine more than the

Ok that's it I have to pee and I ran out of steam

Later a rant (written for a message board I belong to) about so called
'street/urban literature'.

But that's it for now.

Goodnight Frank.

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