Thursday, December 15, 2005

I slept badly last night. Even my Safeway Sedative just tipped me
into sleep rather than knocked me out. I had patches of sketchy
dreams including the following.

I am in a room sitting at a table, and (as the title implies)I'm
sitting across from Henry Rollins. We are staring at each other. Not
quite a staring contest but almost.

Neither of us says anything for awhile just scowl then he points at me,

"you need to calm the fuck down."


He nods and hands me a pair of headphones. When I put them on it's
Etta James. After one song I take off the headphons and nod to him.

That's pretty much all I remember.

I also dreamt at some point that I was

I've been reading Ovid's love poetry still. My god. It's gorgeous.

Nothing else to say at the moment aside from my contacts are cloudy
and I forgot my drops at home.

Go figure.

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