Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A shortlist since I'm very tired and in dire need of more coffee. Enjoy.

My Giftmas list consider this my letter to Santa.

-desert eagle

-black and purple new rocks

- leather sweetheart corset

l- billy club

- marine combat knife

- massage chair

l- dread extentions from hair police

- air raid skirt

- torture gown

- bettie bruiser skirt

- Demonia Jungle boots

-great dane and food and giant pooper scooper

- Isis Dagger

- skull flail

Any well dressed cranky little beasty (yours truly) must be well dressed and well armed. Those are the rules people. Know them, love them, follow them.

In other news I slept for shit as per usual. Got another rejection for an apartment building. See what you get for being honest. Uh.

No news yet from the submissions I sent out a few weeks ago. I still haven't written a new author bio. And I think I'm going to blow something up. I should've put c-4 on my giftmas list.

And yeah. So....

That's it for now I'm going to drink my coffee and read some journals until I feel a little more coherent.

Goodnight Frank.

I think I'm going to pee on the floor.

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