Monday, December 19, 2005

So something really good happened today. And I almost cried. I don't
really want to go into a bunch of details but suffice it to say half
of the problem with moving is solved.

Now to find a place and do a move over a couple of days since I'm
working straight through Xmas weekend until New years.

I am not quite optimistic. I'm holding that in reserve because I
don't want to get crushed.

In other news a coworker gave me a book to read. href""
target="_blank">Battle Royale by Koushun Takami . It's a good
hefty book. A little over 600 pages. It looks fairly easy to read
from the bits I gleaned while flipping through it.

I also picked up a 1$ copy of href=""
target="_blank">The Decameron. The cute salesgirl (who I have a
sight 'I wanna kiss her' kind of girly crush on) she said it is "sexy
stuff for the 14th century" so I was sold. Plus it was getting rained
on a little and I'm a sucker for homeless paperbacks.

Um what else.

I got some candles/coasters/cute shaped ice tray for giftmas.

I'm feeling a little twitchy and whatnot. Cause yeah even a little
good luck makes me very suspicious that hell is around the corner.

I'm done now.

And because it amuses Boy Venus.

Goodnight Sally..

Ps...send prunes.

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