Friday, January 06, 2006

I am showing way more cleavage than I normally do at work and it's not even on purpose. I am what can be called big tittius beastius.

In lay terms that big titty beasty.

I'm wearing a tank top under a cardigan (unbeknownst to me I'm aparantly looking quite trendy today. As some squealy girl informed me) and this top has one of those stupid supposed built in bras.

Now the top itself is a large but the supposed "bra" only covers about half of my boobs. Useless. I thought I'd cut it out but apparantly not. So the way the bra thingy fits it pushes the girls up and they are just fighting in there trying to get out.

I am adjusting every five minutes.

This is actually leading somewhere. I was talking to some of the other ladies at work and one of them said to that I should wear tighter clothes more often.

That followed on the heels of someone saying that one of my myspace photos is "banging"

I am nearing 30 and a little heavier than I'd like. My metabolism tends to hate me and my health isn't what it used to be. I am struggling with trying to not be such a cunt to myself.

It's hard.

But I'm adjusting.

Ok I think that's it. I've got a cup of miso soup with my name on it.

Remember kids...boobs kill.

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