Thursday, January 12, 2006

I ran into an ex lover earlier today on my way to work. Actually
lover isn't such a great word, fact is we hated each other. We didn't
like each other on sight. Within the first ten minutes of knowing
each other we'd already spewed enough names at each other to make his
brother (whom I was friends with) wince and blush.

So now you're asking, but Shannon why did you screw this jackass?

The simple honest answer is that what we lacked in liking each others
personalities we more than made up for in the almighty sexual

It took a good four months or so of fighting and growling at each
other then just like in the pornos BAM we were naked.

Make no mistake.

That was not love making.

That was in fact a grudge fuck that later turned into a full on hate
fuck and yes we both enjoyed it very much.

Everytime we had sex we both came out bruised and a few times bloodied.

On meeting on the corner of 3rd and Pine he actually hugged me. I
thought it was weird but he explained quickly since I was waiting for
a bus.

He said that in the last few years he's realized what a fucking
dickhole (I'm not calling people asshole anymore, now it's dickhole)
he was and that he'd enjoyed having a woman who challenged him, and
wasn't afraid of him in anyway. He had styled himself some sort of
sadist Master but when confronted by someone who wasn't automatically
subservient, nor willing to play at subservient he was upset.

So we fucked a lot. We tussled. We bit. We played tug o war with the power.

He never won and when we stopped sleeping together sulked and bitched
about it(apparantly to his friends) for quite awhile.

Always nice to see the lesser of the crazy people I've screwed.

I was going to talk about something else but the new office chairs
have this weird hump in them that supposedly helps you sit up straight
but all it does is make my fucking taint hurt.

So I'm done now. I'm cranky.

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