Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I submitted some poetry to a magazine about a month ago and just got the rejection today. So if anyone aside from me is keeping track that's 0 for 5 in the past four months or so.

The whole process is really distracting. I think I might stop submitting again for awhile. I'd like to say constant rejection is helping me build character but it's not.

What it's doing is letting me know loud and clear that my work for whatever reason doesn't 'fit editorially' with most of the publications I enjoy reading. So yeah.

I'm not terribly upset but it stings.

At least it was a form letter I think. Although one of these days I'd like to get another rejection that tells me something aside from good luck and we don't want your shit.

I realize that realistically unless an editor does really like your work much of the time they are just too busy for this kinda thing. But it's nice to hope for.

So I'll send whatever I write to my friends. Things seem to work that way. And granted that I'm not writing a book, have no interest in doing so at this point. The publication issue is officially moot I think.

That's it.

I had something else to say and forgot with the rejectiony distraction.

Yes I make up words.

Shut up.

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Your Loving Lyricist, Anthony said...

Fret not, Nudemuse,

It happens to the best of writers (among whom you, my adored friend, do surely number). Just don't give up. That's the only guaranteed way to never have the piece published.

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