Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lots to do today. It looks like we are going to get the apartment.

Now to work out the finances and whatnot.

I have things to do today. There is some bank weirdness going on and
I don't get it but I'm not going to bitch.

I tried a new coffee today and it is in fact too sweet.

I realized a few weeks ago while trimming the hedges that the left
half of my pubes is about 75% white. I can now proudly say I am the
owner of striped pussy.

I also have to cop to having my ego stroked almost daily by people who
don't have to. It's a lovely thing to be called hottie and variations
there of by people on coming into work.

I will admit I need it.


I'm not quite feeling better but I am more centered and less in the
mood to stab someone in the throat.

In conversation with Boy Venus last night (as I was having as much of
a freak out as I ever have) I said that I am a crazy bitch.

I know it and I own it. And it doesn't rule me or my life. I know
what I have to do and I'm going to do it.

Insanity be damned.

So in conclusion for the day I quote Snoop Dogg again, directed at my issues.

"Fuck who you are and fuck what you're goin through."

Homo Out.

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