Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So we moved. It's not a great place but it has the necessities and it
only takes about 20 minutes for me to get to work. It took us about
14 hours all together to move. Travel time included. There are
things I have learned.

I learned that if you live on an island just stay. It's a fuckin
headache to move.

I still give really shitty directions.

I don't particularly care for Uhaul.

There are people who are genuinely interested in my welfare not
because I know them but because I look like I might stroke out or

Warn the bank before doing any kind of ATM voodoo for large amounts of cash.

Drink more Jager.

Stick to the plan and listen to myself.

So anyway we are safe. Housed and I actually got some really good
sleep. Granted by the time we got to bed it was all either of us
could do except fall into bed and lay there snoring.

But yeah.

In other news I am wearing my new boots today and though it is pissing
rain my wee feets are still warm and dry. Byootiful took one of his
few bus trips and I sent him home alone hopefully he won't miss the
bus stop.

Something else I learned: I give kickass bus directions.

Also as a future note to self: never underestimate the restorative
powers of a simple hair wash and shower.

So yeah.

All is mostly better. Not quite well yet I have some shit I need to
get accomplished before I will feel entirely better.

The hunt for permanent residence continues.

I think that's about it for right now so I'll stop this. The
aforementioned porno will be posted later on today when I have time to
sit down and get it transcribed from my notebook.

Later Bob...

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