Thursday, January 26, 2006

Somewhere out in the ether my thoughts are weaving some strange complex thi ng.

I didn't sleep much last night. Little enough that I think if I'd just stayed awake I'd feel better.

I've been having a strange mix of dreams lately. When I cat napped this morning I dreamt about being tattooed.

This particular dream was probably nudged out of my Id by several factors.

1.) I am dying to get another tattoo.

2.) We past an interesting looking shop yesterday.

3.) I am dying to get more ink.

So in this dream I was getting ~something~ tattooed up my left hip, around my ribcage and just a little on my back. The artist was teasing me about giggling a few times. That actually happened when I got the tattoo in the small of my back.

I digress here.

While I was contemplating and planning my tattoo people kept telling me over and over how much it would hurt to get it there. How I'd twitch and groan and cry.

Actually. I did giggle quite a few times because the needle hit spots that tickled. The owner checked on me several times and thought it was cute that I kept giggling. Truth is the experience wasn't nearly long enough for me to get really into it.

I won't lie and say there were no good bits. The endorphins and the part that did actually hurt were very good.

Oh news flash. The slipdress I bought on one of the auctions just got here and it's quite lovely. I have a feeling I'll be flashing some skin come summer.

Actually not that much skin since I'll probably wear it with a little sweater of some sort.

Little known fact about me I collect slips. Black for the most part though, I do have one light blue one I have plans for. I like older a-line styles. I do however have a few cute short lace trimmed ones.=20 That reminds me once I find them I need to fix the hem of one.

What I love (and wish I had more of) are the slips that are made of the more sturdy nylon. Before they were quite so sheer. I had one that fit me like it'd been made for me. Made by Sears sometime in the early sixties if I recall right. Then my body changed and I traded it for a pill box hat at a vintage store.

Also in the useless information category I really need a new wallet and still have not decided what kind of bag I want to replace my backpack because my very cute Elvis purse just doesn't cut it for day to day use.

I also still need a couple new bras, a pair or two of pants, socks, undies etc. I don't know when or if I discussed this but I am on a mission to refill my wardrobe with things I like and don't feel stupid wearing.

I find lately I have this weird fascination with babydoll style dresses. I don't wear them but I keep seeing ones that I want to buy. I don't know why. I think it's my strange love of fugly things. I might not wear it but I'd give it a good home.

While I'm prattling about fashion I think maybe this weekend I may drag Byootiful out to Ross or some such for some discounted goodness.=20 Or maybe up into Cap hill for some forrays then dinner and drinks somewhere. Maybe get my nose pierced. Something.

Other useless information. I have a few rules about my wardrobe. I can never have too many black skirts of varying lengths. I must have good thick tights. Knee high boot socks rock my socks. Also, I need to start wearing more jewelry again. I need a shorter chain for my ankh, need some new earrings since the old ones I had broke. Maybe a new labret of some sort I'm ready for a change.

At the base of all this bullshit (for those I haven't bored to clicking away yet) is the fact that I am ready and desperately hungry for a change.


Break it up.

Or I'm going to smash something.

Ok enough of my prattle and nonsense.

Goodnight Frank.

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