Thursday, February 16, 2006

As usual since I'm sick and vaguely feverish I've been having strangedreams. Last night was no exception to the rule. In this dream I was walking down the street in some city, late at night.And I see a man walking towards me, I can't see his face but I know he'sstaring at me. When he gets close he has this look on his face, not a nicelook more that he was about to say something smart. I look up and it'sHenry Rollins. (Usually if he's in my dreams there's evil looks involvedbut not that kind. More the I'm going ot fuck you until you bark kind)Where was I?So he gets up close to me and we stand not far from each other and hedoesn't say anything just stares at me. To which I say- "the fuck are youlooking at muscles?" We stare at each other for another couple of minutesand he shakes his head. "Why are you so fucking mean?" I smile up at him,slap his cheek lightly and just walk away.

Cut to another street, by the way this city isn't one I know. It's notSeattle, it's not Portland (of which my recollection is kind of good, it'sbeen years since I've been there). But I keep on wandering around, thenwhen my feet start to hurt I sit on the stoop of an ugly old abandoned building. That is about where I woke up I think.

So yeah.

Wooo watch my head spin.I'm tired. And my need for new glasses/contacts is underscored by the factthat we have these beautiful new monitors at work. Lovely flatpanel lcd'sand they are just a tad blurry for me. Ugh.

The home situation is still not great but it isn't terrible either. A very good friend saved the day and we have enough food to last until payday.

I hate being poor. I really fucking hate it. Especially since I know that I'm doing the best I can and the days that my best isn't good enough fucking kill me. So now off to do a little research, see what I can do about getting myself some other way of bringing in some additional income. THe move is going tot ake months to recover from.

Meh. My throat hurts I'm gonna go make tea.

Homo out.

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alex said...

hey nikki whats up this is your little brother, email me at ok?

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