Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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Ok can I just say right now I'd give my left ovary for a laptop or something similarly portable. I had a whole story narrated in my head last night in the dark while I was watching (trying to anyway) Kill Bill and now it's gone.

Mother fuck.


I'm stuck in a musical rut. Saul Williams and the Donnie Darko OST. A smattering of Pantera remixes along with a few Beth Hart songs.

My head is FULL of stuff that I can't really figure out.

And we are living on instant soups (6 left) and a bag of fishsticks until I get paid next. Which is in a week.

This kind of constant stress is making mean(er) and I'm fairly certain if the circumstances create themselves I might commit some kind of felonious assault if ONE more mother fucker hits on me thinking I'm a high school student. Because yeah no. Ew.

In other news the home of my other journal (where I post these same entries) is down so I'll be transcribing some stuff from my writing journal to here in the meantime.

And I think I'm going to sell both pairs of my Docs this weekend. I have two that are almost brand new and should put us in more instant soup and maybe even something other than fishsticks. I'm really happy that we finally moved but goddamn. It pretty much took almost every cent we had. With a little left over for essentials but yeah. This is really tiring. I HATE being this poor. Housed but barely. Eating food that makes me feel like crap because it's what we can afford. I'm over it.


Homo Out
PS why can I STILL not figure out how to post quiz results right the first goddamn time.

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