Monday, February 27, 2006

What goes around...

So. To get it all in a nutshell the move has bled us absolutely dry financially speaking. I'm talking DRY. When I say dry I mean we are living on 12 dollars a week in groceries and squeezing that.

Making rent (first month out, not a good start) may or may not happen. I'm doing everything I can, payday advance from the bank, not paying other bills. But I"m not sure it's going to be enough. I really really do not want to lose this place before we really move in.

Since I haven't really been sharing because I don't want to sound like I'm begging but I know there are people who want to know so here's the deal.

We only have the belongings we brought back in January to the hotel/short residence place in the shitty neighborhood. To stay there for 5 weeks(Less 2 days) cost almost 1000$. It cost about 800$ all together to get into the apartment.

Then there was about 300$ in bills for Feb that were late because of the move. Last paycheck someone rescued us and we were able to get food. But right now it seems pretty hopeless.

We still owe our former roommate money.

We are sleeping on the floor and have not enough kitchen stuff to do more than eat oven baked burritos, fishsticks, etc.

To say that I am stressed out doesn't begin to scratch the surface.

I made calls to some local charities but of course most everything was closed so hopefully people will get back to me by tomorrow.

I don't have too much of value I could sell. And really doing some chubby girl solo style porno is looking mighty fucking good about now.

Alex if you're reading this I'll get back to you soon.

Everyone else if you pray please pray for me. If I come out of this without having had a stroke or something it'll be a miracle.

And if you don't mind click through my Google ads. Make me some pennies.

Homo out.

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Crazy Bike Guy said...

*hugs* I'm always praying for you, sweet.

Wish I could do more. If you have room for me I'll come rub your shoulders and wash your dishes and give you pep talks, and invite Mel over for hot steapy bropings and whatnot. :)

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