Wednesday, March 08, 2006

An Open Letter to the Wu Tang Clan

Dear Wu,Much love. I am writing you to extend an offer of my services. I would like to be your long lost female member named, Sza. (Pronounced Ssssza- hard a for those who don't know.) Should you ever need a woman to curse a blue streak on wax in a smokey voice I am your girl.

I don't rap. I don't smoke much weed. I don't booty clap. And I'm no groupie. What I can do is curse. Give me the high sign and I will curse a blue streak that'd make Old Dirty roll over and blush in his grave.

Hand me a Kamel Red, a few fingers of scotch and watch me let fly.
Sincerely yours,
S to the Z A


lysergia said...

oh my god will you like marry rusty or something?

hey, maybe Wu Tang Financial is hiring (i am addicted to dave chappelle, sorry).

konicheewa bitches!


-tuff said...

that sort of talent will make you rich! (or so i've been told.)

-member dx-expats

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