Tuesday, April 18, 2006

And thennn?

I haven't updated for a few days mainly because I was recovering so to speak from my hormone induced tantrum. I am a mood swinging angry little woman and for a while there I was stuck in stabby rather than being at a place where I could turn the stabby into something more constructive.
I'm getting there.

This past weekend I started a new ponyfall project. Only to discover I neglected to buy any lace or ribbon for mounting. But I will be excited to wear these pigtails mostly because they are kinda ghetto looking (black with bright orangy red tips). They are very cute.

I also wrote a letter of annoyance to Maybelline New York. I was perusing their website and (again) was really pissed off to find that the core of their products do not come in colors for people other than slightly tan white people. I have been a pretty faithful Maybelline New York customer for a long time. I have used their liquid eyeliner and their mascaras above all others for the better part of ten years. So given the leaps and bounds by mid-level cosmetics companies in expanding and diversifying their lines Maybelline seems to be lacking to me and I told them so. Here is their reponse.

Thank you for contacting Maybelline New York on the Web to let us know how you feel about Maybelline.The opinions of our consumers are important to us when making decisions about our products and services. We appreciate your comments, and will be forwarding them to the people in our company responsible for that product group.Again, thank you for your comments. If we can ever be of service to you, please feel free to visit us again on the Web.

Fuck them. I am no longer going to be a customer for them. It's not a huge difference but I will take my business elsewhere.

In the grand scheme of things I don't know how much of a difference it makes but it does make me feel good. There were actually two years that I didn't shop at a drug store near where I work because despite numerous complaints, letters, etc they did not carry products I could buy but, they felt free to feature the ads from the likes of CoverGirl with Queen Latifa, Revlon with Halle Berry but didn't carry the products. I wrote a six page letter to their corporate offices citing several of their chain stores and point blank called them racists.

A few weeks later I got a letter of apology and a buttload of coupons.

It's not quite activism but, I refuse to be silent about things that piss me off.

And I try hard not to be petty about it. Yes I realize that in the big picture me finding the right shade of foundation isn't Earth shaking but goddamn it black girls want to be pretty without having to spend an arm and a leg buying Iman cosmetics.

What else?

I trimmed my pubes the other day because I had some labia minora anger going on and the fur wasn't helping. I accidentally yanked out one of the lovely pure white hairs and my GOD that shit hurt. It reminded me in a visceral and very real way just why I don't wax. Fuck sake. Kinky as I am I find no enjoyment in yanking out my precious short n curlies with anything.
Teeth, tweezers, wax, fingernails nothin.

I miss my little bit of fluff. I can see my bald spot and it annoys me. Yes, I have a bald spot on my pubis a little smaller than an oblong quarter. It's sad. I also have bald spots on my legs too. I can go for about 8 months without shaving and still all I have is a fine bit of fuzz.

Oh. Speaking of pubes, and the super V there, I have a whole rant about not being a size queen. (That's penis size folks. Keep up here.) I think I will get it down and post it a little later on tonight. It will be my paen to boys without the monster cock.

What else?

Actually I think that's it for now. My Gelatina Mexicana is staring at me saying...eat me eat me eat me and I think I'll go do that now.

Homo Out

And...a little love poetry for Busty Rusty..I hope you guys feel better soon.

First off, fuck your bitch
And the click you claim
West side when we ride
Come equipped with game

A little Tupac to soothe a fevered brain.

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