Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cranky little fucker

Even though I slept last night I am still exhausted. Brain no wanna worky and this not having music shit is annoying me. Let me explain. Someone working here instead of just using the computer with the good speakers for music, brilliantly decided to just move the speakers to a different computer. They weren't placed correctly and now I have no music. I've been trying to enable the monitor speakers but I can't get that to work either.
It's annoying.

In other news I apparantly made some kind of booboo in my accounting this week and I am overdrawn by 7 dollars. What joy.

I am about to have a motherfucking fit. My coffee tastes bad and the baked treat I got I think made my tummy upset.

I believe today is a good day for a tantrum.

While I'm in full whine mode let me continue.

For whatever reason my fucking Google Adsense up there is absolutely fucking useless. Either I am SO fucking random Google can't keep up with me or I broke. The way things are going right now I'm inclined to say i fucking broke it.

I need a new bra in a real bad kinda OW my TITTY kind of way. I hate that.

And I woke up late today so I'm wearing pants I hate. They fit funny so I feel all paunchy and shit.

If I were a cat I'd be hissing, clawing the carpet and peeing on the furniture.

I am not a happy beasty.

I think I'm done whining.

Now some musing.

I was cruising Ebay not too long ago and how is it some of these pretensious goth fucks decide that it's cool for them to sell things like boots and whatnot in the Ebay store for thirty to forty bucks than you can get the same shoes (with cheaper shipping often) from any number of the Goffick shops round online.

The fuck kind of silly shit is that?


How annoying.

I de-lurked sort of in some Goth groups on the Google. Ballots for the next one are already going out. I'm kind of torn between wanting it to be here in Seattle again ( had a blast at the last one) and kind of wanting to go if it's in Portland. If it was in Portland we could hang out with Renee and Rob which would be cool. I miss my friend Renee.

My hard on for collecting purses to go with my boots is returning en force.

I am entirely enamored by these body bag shaped handbags I've seen around. Far more than I was of the coffin shaped bags when those started popping up. And of course I can't find a link so I'll have to steal a picture at some point.

I am SUCH a fag. When I say that I mean think of the most flamboyant queen you know, put some big tits on him and you have me.

Then put the image in shiny/floofy/odd clothing and BAM you got me.

I think that's it. My computer is slow and I believe it's going to want a reboot here soon.

Some love poetry for Busty Rusty:

"Fuck your bitch and the click you claim."


Homo Out.

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