Thursday, April 06, 2006

Glittery poop

I actually just threatened to shit glitter on someone.

I am an odd girl.

My right boob is also itching like a motherfucker and it's bothering me enough to want to take the bra off and set it on fire.

I have decided that myspace is an amusing evil.

In other news I believe I have discovered the root (pun intended) of my frequent rants about pubic hair.

So it all started when I was 8-9 years old or so and saw grown women naked fairly regularly. My Mom, ladies at the pool, etc. Now by that age I knew all about puberty and whatnot but, what I didn't yet grasp was they why isn't it happening now part. They had boobies, I had no boobies and even more angst making was that they had pubes and I didn't.

My annoyance about it was pretty much a low simmer. I realized that I was still a little girl, and my friends were little girls so there wasn't too much of a problem. Then around the fifth grade my friends started getting boobies. And much to my dismay and jealousy PUBES.

I found this out because we went to a camp when I was in the fifth grade and we took group showers to conserve hot water. Now I remember very cleary that most of the girls I showered with and the older girls who were our leaders had pubes to varying degrees.

My own mons veneris was bald.

I was crushed. I remember going home and getting so upset. I cried in the bathtub after examining my genitals as much as I could because I had no fur. My parts were not growing up and I was pissed off.

Later when I did finally grow me some pubes I was disappointed yet again. I did not have the full fluffy bush I had wanted. I had sparse short and curlies. Even through my teens and up until now I don't have much in the way of the pubies.

So onto my thing with other peoples pubes. Do what you like with them really. But when it comes to me desiring people when they have the super shaved and or waxed parts I am not turned on. In fact it can be quite a turn off for me.

Basically in my mind super smooth and hairless means little kid. And yeah no.

I won't say there aren't exceptions to my squick factor. But, it's few and far between. So mow them pubes, mohawk, fuzzy up front smooth underneath, flying V whatever. But please folks, enjoy your all growed up all done with puberty body cause there's nothin wrong with some fur.


Eight Lives Left said...

This rant made me smile. What a great start to the day! :P

Anonymous said...

Not sure this will get put in.
I'm for whatever makes a person comfy. If ripping out their pubes makes them happy go for it. Ipersonally don't like a full jungle growing down there, a trim is always nice. Ruins the moment to get a hair stuck in your teeth.
Thanks for sharing!

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