Friday, April 28, 2006

Murder and Madness

Not actually but it's a nice title no?

I have SUCH a fucking girl crush and no I'm not telling who has been added to the list.

All I'm gonna say is, packing cocky mean mother fucker.


And why is it that I go trolling in the auctions and find two things I like and can afford? Not to mention there is a shitload of stuff on sale at various places that I can't afford and most of the sales are ending Monday.


I am having boot/shoe/clothing lust like hell.

But I did bid 3 dollars on a cute plaid mini skirt.

This weekend I intend to try and finish the ponyfalls I started. I'm moving to graveyard shift on Monday for a little while so I need to adjust my schedule.

I am also thinking about hand sewing some projects. Given that I won't have my computer for a bit it might keep me from getting quite so stabby and cranky over the weekend.

I am going to see Boy Venus this summer and that's very exciting. And um. Yeah I have to pee now so I'm done.

Homo Out.

1 comment:

ColettePhair said...

It's okay, you can tell me. I won't tell myself you have a crush on me.

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