Monday, April 03, 2006

Spam and the fuck are you looking at punk.

So much spam so little time. For some reason my webmail for my domain is getting spammed to shit. That makes me a sad cranky little beasty.

I had a pretty good weekend. Lots of sex. It's a wonder what repeated gspot orgasms can do for your state of mind.

However my Monday has not gotten off to a good start. Primarly because apparently baseball season has started and I got caught on the bus in fucking Mariners traffic. So in the future when games start at 2 I'm going to have to leave for work an hour early so I'm not late.

What joy.

Also since they recarpted here at work within 2 hours of being here my contacts feel like I dredged them in sand and shoved them back onto my eyeballs. My vision is actually pretty blurry and the drops only help to a point. So in honor of that I talked to HR and she told me how to look up our vision benefits. Hot damn. I only have to pay a 20$ copay for the exam and then I'm covered up to 120$ on hardware and then 20% off anything over that. So in reality I should be able to afford some glasses next paycheck.

Slowly but surely we're coming out of the abyss of the move. A little over two thousand dollars later things are still pretty tenuous but we're not planning trips to the food bank again. Partly thank you to a very nice lady and partly because I have been budgeting my ass off.

So according to budget this week (weds probably) I am ordering the bag below. Finally found a new purse I need one. And then after bills and whatnot I am going to bite the bullet rent a truck and go get our stuff. So next month since we won't be having the 92 dollar a month bill for storage I think I am going to set up DSL should our phone line work right.

I'm going to start budgeting to get my fitness stuff in order because this not exercising is driving me insane. And the one drawback to moving off of Bainbridge is that I don't get in my 2.5 or so miles of walking a day. To that end I've been on the hunt for a sports bra. Unfortuntately because I'm fucking stacked I think I'm going to have to go to a sports store and try them on etc and pay out the nose for a good one because I don't want to give myself a black eye or stretch the girls out irrevocably.

I've been thinking very long and hard about what kind of workouts will do me the most good without me a.) going overboard or b.)going way overboard. I've settled in a mix of yoga and pilates then when I can budget it (or we get DSL and Mike can download it for me) some belly dance and once I'm in better shape maybe some of those striptease things. My computer has a DVD player and where I'm going to put my desk there's plenty o room for me to wiggle and sweat.

The biggest hurdle is going to be getting into a routine. I think if I can manage to be up around a quarter after 10 I can get in about 30-40 minutes of exercise then have enough time to destink/comb hair before going to work.

So with that in mind and the hope that I will either reshape myself or lose weight I'm going to hold off on any extensive clothes buying until a later date.

So yeah I'm budgeted to within an inch of my paychecks life.

To ease some of that Mike and I have been looking at started an adult site of somesort. We've been doing some research and I think we'll start with something freehosted and do a shitload of affiliate pimping. Then maybe if money is decent enough get a site of our own. Not a boot fetish tease site just yet. I have neither the boot wardrobe nor the equipment required for that sort of thing. Hell at some point I might just do it for fun cause 1.) I have a boot fetish and 2.) I have a boot fetish.

Still no word on the submissions sent off last month. Uh.


I've had the hankering to go out clubbing at the Vogue or try to start going to the Mercury but, given that we don't have a car and I have issues in the wardrobe department I'm living vicariously.

It's really fucking disappointing to have the want and need to be a little social but not the ability.

Oh well.

Not going to go there at the moment.

I think that's enough of my babbling.

Homo Out.

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